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When a disability prevents you from working to provide for yourself and your family, you should be able to prioritize your medical recovery above everything else.

At the same time, bills need to be paid and food needs to be put on the table. This can be a challenge when you are unable to work, whether you are single and have to provide just for yourself, or are part of a two-income household. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits may be available to help you and your family minimize your financial burdens, and an experienced legal team can help you obtain them.

In southern Indiana, the legal team to turn to is Olsen & White, LLP. Our attorneys have many decades of experience. We also have an experienced SSDI advocate, Denny Sullivan, who spent decades working directly for the Social Security Administration handling Disability Determination and therefore has insider experience with the complexity of SSDI claims. Together, our team takes the uncertainty out of applying for these important benefits and works to help you receive them.

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We’re Here To Assist You

When you meet with us, you will be guided step by step through the SSDI application process. This means:

  • We will discuss what has kept you from working, and the other ways that your condition has affected your life.
  • We will identify the additional information we need to determine whether your condition qualifies you for SSDI benefits.
  • We will work to assemble the medical documentation that is necessary to demonstrate your disability.
  • We will determine whether you meet the other requirements, including your work history, for SSDI eligibility.
  • We will explain how the SSDI application process unfolds and what you can expect along the way.

People who handle their own SSDI applications often quickly discover just how overwhelming the process can be. Unfortunately, many also learn how common denied claims are – often for reasons that could have been avoided with an experienced legal guide. By turning to our firm, you will have someone to oversee every aspect of your claim and ensure that you don’t make common mistakes that doom otherwise valid applications.

Even with a complete application, it is still sometimes necessary to go through one or more steps of the SSDI appeals process to get benefits. Our firm has the resources to give you every opportunity to get the benefits you need.

Contact Us Today For Help

To speak with a representative in a free and confidential consultation, call our Evansville office at 812-423-3143​ or send an email. It will cost you nothing and we only are paid if we successfully obtain SSDI benefits for you.