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The law team of Olsen & White, LLP, is the team to trust for commercial and residential matters involving real estate law and property law in the Evansville area. As knowledgeable Evansville property attorneys, we are experienced in all aspects of Indiana law involving property and we will make sure you have the representation and guidance you need.Property laws are complex. As experienced property law attorneys, we will help you cut through the complications and make sure you are thoroughly informed about your rights and options. We have assisted a broad range of clients in the Evansville area, from novice home buyers to seasoned real estate developers. Our property law experience is extensive. Some of the areas for which we provide service include:

Financing And Loan Documents

The purchase of real estate typically involves some manner of financing. The law team attorneys regularly work with Evansville banks and lenders and offers you experienced help in completing financing transactions.

Purchase And Sale Agreements

In most cases, the sale of property begins with a purchase and sales agreement. As experienced property attorneys, we can assist you with the preparation and negotiation to develop an agreement that meets the needs of your situation.

Deeds And Easements

In Indiana, there are many different types of deeds and easements for the transfer of interests in real estate. As our client, we will make sure you understand property law and everything you need to know involving your property transaction. We are experienced in handling property disputes involving boundaries and easement usage and will provide you with competent representation.

Closings And Escrow

The law team attorneys will supervise the successful execution of all required closing and escrow procedures, from preparing the necessary documentation to facilitating the transfer of funds through escrow and trust accounts.

Leases And Evictions

Leases can be complex agreements with significant legal consequences. Trust The Law Team of Olsen & White, LLP, to make sure the conditions and terms of your property leases are properly negotiated, drafted, and executed. Evictions are complicated matters. Whether you are a property owner or renter facing eviction, it is important to seek the guidance of an experienced property law attorney. We are here to help.

Liens And Attachments

Liens and attachments against property are made for a variety of situations including judgments, taxes, mortgages and debt. The law team attorneys have helped prosecute and defend a vast array of claims involving property law matters, protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers, as well as brokers, contractors and suppliers.

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The law team of Olsen & White, LLP, is your legal source for matters relating to real estate and property law in Evansville and throughout Indiana. Call us today at 812-423-3143 or on our contact page.